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As innovative company on market we are thinking about providing and populate VoIP for end user and business. Business often has more resources and needs; also influence on business can be tracked much easier then on single person.

Why should I use it?

Arguments for "BOSS" are:

  1. It does not require a lot of time and money to implement. As a result simplified phone infrastructure;
  2. Infrastructure based more on software then on hardware, so its more manageable and easier to fix;
  3. It better traceable in compare to mini-ATS (automatic telephone system);
  4. It economy your money on calls over the world;
  5. Communication between two persons in staff will cost nothing;
  6. Communication between distributed offices connected over internet (VPN) will cost nothing;
  7. Ordinal phone lines can be connected to VoIP server and it will route calls on cheapest line automatically;
  8. High level of efficiency and communication, exchange of documents during the call;
  9. Huge specter of additional services provided with VoIP, like: meeting time, conference calls, encryption, ability to choose "land area" code;
  10. Support of VoIP by biggest vendors like: Cisco, Microsoft, Novell etc.
  11. VoIP is a future of the telecommunication. Increase lifetime of your infrastructure greatly.

Short overview

Overview of market I think will help you to decide which vendor and hardware/software solution is the best for VoIP network building. On market are well known several open source solutions: Asterisk ( and FreeSwitch ( Asterisk is the oldest and the reach in functionality VoIP server. It community is very strong and releases are stable. In compare to FreeSwitch, Asterisk have several architecture issues that make many people thinking about better solution. And FreeSwitch catch those people. FreeSwitch is completely rewritten VoIP server, but it uses Asterisk HOWTO's as basis. That is why both solutions mostly have the same functionality, number of features and both are very stable.

Commercial solutions are easy to find by Google or any other search engine. But they in most cases become choice number three after trying to implement VoIP network on Asterisk or FreeSwitch.

VoIP on FreeSwitch

Installation is quite easy and do not require any significant hardware resources. You can reserve for VoIP server ordinal desktop computer, of course keep in mind that server should work 24/7, so you must properly choose hardware and test server stability. Recommended: RAID as disk system and Smart UPS for reducing risk of power failure.

FreeSwitch is working mostly on any OS, that is why you can choose own OS according to your needs, licenses and requirements. Installation Guide of FreeSwitch is well written and highly descriptive, by following steps in it you can setup server in several minutes.

Configuration of FreeSwitch is described in document Getting Started Guide.You should choose carefully modules that you enabling in FreeSwitch. Our recommendation is to use default configuration.

After installation server part you should choose proper SIP phone client. On market can be found several free and commercial solutions for each OS. For mobile platform you can use our clients.

Easy Try

All small and large business offices trying to build something shown on image upper and with FreeSwitch is quite easy to implement. All you have to do is properly read documentation provided with it. FreeSwitch combining land lines and GSM gateways which make possible to optimize outgoing phone traffic. FreeSwitch will select for you best call plan with minimal payment and of course if it possible will route call to VoIP network.

After building internal VoIP network is time to expand own possibilities and create connection with external VoIP server, also known, as VoIP-proxy. That will give you possibility to optimize not only outgoing calls. Incoming calls can be optimized too. Expand the view in your mind, several offices with the same infrastructure with properly configured VoIP proxies can communicate to each other over VoIP. And that means that we economy on each done call. 

Do you need more?

If you do not have IT specialist that will be ready to install VoIP network for you or if you require custom solution that will help to achieve your unique business goals or if you need vendor that will customize and support for you VoIP - then you should call us. We with pleasure ready to help you.


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Customer Quotes

George Witney, VoIP consulter, UK told us:

I was impressed by the VoIP client sipManiac today. It's one of the best VoIP clients on the market which I've kept in my hands. Stylish and easy to use. I have installed it on my Android G1 and in 30 seconds made the first test call to my friend. The audio was loud and clear. Connection stable. Thanks guys for involving me in Beta testing. I'm waiting now for the release.

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